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Driftwood Horses

Check it out! These are some amazing pictures. A quick Yahoo! search and I found the woman's website. She has some other great stuff as well.


What I look like in a dress

For my horse friends, I know it is hard to imagine me in anything other than my filthy blue coat (washed this week!) along with my matching polar fleece blue hat for winter and my Pendleton wool hat and some t-shirt & jeans in the summer. Or of course, horse show clothes. If you haven't met me and spend any time around horses at all, you don't have to imagine what I look like most of the time. So, to prove that I can actually clean up, here is a picture of Uriah and I at my company Christmas party.


Bad Content

I think I have done a moderately decent job of posting quality content through this NaBloPoMo, but today, I feel like ick. I didn't go to work (at first I thought I just feeling a little bad, but now realize I feel REALLY bad) and not to the barn, so I am headed to bed now. I realize it is only 7:30 and I have slept most of the day today, but like I said, I feel icky. Here are some pictures for your entertainment.

This is a trainer I really admire named Luis Villa. He has a son Sebastian who is just hilarous and although only 12, a lady killer. Precious spent 60 days with Luis a couple of years ago. Luis is riding Vigilante a very beautiful buckskin Performance stallion. If you are in the Northwest and need a Paso Fino trained, he is the guy. It took me two years of getting to know him before I made that decision, but he is someone I really trust.

This is a picture of my mom's Paso Finos at a wedding in Alaska a couple of years ago. The horses carried in the flower girl and ring bearer. The bride is the daughter of a good family friend, my sister was the maid of honor at the wedding. The bride and groom just had a baby! Congrats to Matt and Keeley on baby Julia (also named after my sister). I am very thrilled for them.


Favorite Animal Pics

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures. Not necessarily about horses, but just some that I love and wanted to share with the world.

This is Steinbeck hanging out with a St. Bernard at the dog park.

This is our cat Tom. I think he had just eaten a bunch of catnip right before this. It was the 2nd or 3rd day that we had him, so we thought we had adopted the funniest cat ever.

Uriah and I went to Alaska in June to celebrate my little sister Julia's high-school graduation. This picture was taken at the Flatop parking lot (you walk up to a viewing platform from the parking lot), at about midnight. Anchorage and Cook Inlet are the background, it was a beautiful night.

I took this picture in June, just before Garfunkel (the Dalmatian) passed away. I had to work hard to get them to pose like that, but they did it (0f course) for food! :)

And of course, how could I post without a horse picture? Here is a great picture of my sister riding one of my mom's Paso Finos.