Horses for Heros, Dreams for Friends

Several years ago I met an amazing horse woman named Elisia.  We boarded at the same facility, she had (still has) a 17.3 hand carrot colored horse named Soda.  Soda can do amazing things with his lips and is a beautiful moving dressage horse.

Elisia and I both moved away from Eugene, but stayed in touch. We see each other at least once or twice a year, a special effort on both of our parts and we can talk life and horses until we are blue in the face.

A couple of years ago, Elisia lost her job and and decided to finish her college degree.  It is a brave move for someone close to 30, and I was so proud of her.  During her time in school she started volunteering and became involved with Rainier Therapeutic Riding. They are an organization that basically uses horses to help our heros. 

They use Clint Anderson Horsemanship, you can view a video of when Clint visted them here. They have great information on their website on how they started their program and instructional materials for folks interested starting similiar programs soon.  All of the instructors are PATH certified and they lease the horses for the program rather than owning them outright. 

So why am I talking about RTR? Well, Elisia is another of my friends who pursued her dreams. This summer she graduated from college and became the executive director.  She has partnered her business sense, her horsemanship skills to live her dream. 

When someone tells you it isn't possible, ignore them and remember this gem: You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never change.

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Dreaming said...

Congrats to Elisia. Working with a therapeutic riding program has so many rewards - for everyone!