Parasites Part 1: Proof of Concept

I can't promise that I will have a lot to say about horses in 2011, but there is a topic I want to cover: Parasites.

I have been on a journey of learning about parasites because of my friend Christine. She confided in me about a year ago that she had developed a method for testing horses for parasites that any horse owner can do. You know what? I didn't even know what that meant. Why would I want to test my horse? Why would I need to test a horse? I was completely clueless.

A year later, I know so much more and yesterday we used the first testing kit sold by her new business Eggzamin to test all of the horses at Synergy Stables. The horses had been dewormed in December and based on normal rotational deworming theory we would have wormed them in February. Based on what I have learned from Christine, we decided to wait until our Eggzamin kit was delivered.

Here is what happened: Only 3 out of 9 horses, all wormed in December had any parasites. Only 2 actually needed deworming. I am sure you might be thinking, only 2? Because a year ago I had the same question. The story will unfold, I promise. Hold tight.

Not only did we test 9 horses, we also spent an hour talking with the Parasitologist from Eggzamin. Oh yeah folks, that's right, Parasitologist. Sexy job I think. It was brilliant. I learned more about Parasites in 60 minutes than I had in my entire 10 years of horse ownership. Worth every penny, sometimes it pays to speed up the learning process.

So today, I stand before and provide my 100% endorsement of Eggzamin.

Tomorrow: Parasites Part 2: A History Lesson