Is it time for a new horse?

I've been pretty dispassionate about horses the last 3 years. I'll find moments of inspiration but it is easily lost. Is it the wrong horse, the wrong time, the wrong horse community? Or just a general complication of life in general?

When Carmen Micheletti and her trainer Bruce Beyer came to Synergy Stables for a clinic, I realized (even though I didn't have a horse in the clinic), I belonged on a Paso Fino.

So as much as I love the beautiful Phaedre, I don't belong on a walk/trot horse. I learned to ride on a Paso Fino, my heart, my mind and my body all want to hear the four beat gait. Phaedre is doing well and earning her keep as a lease horse, so she will remain in my horse family.

So, now I know that if I am really going to be passionate again, I need a Paso Fino, well certainly narrows things down. I also realized that I loved to show, so I need a show horse.

Last weekend I went to Paso Largo farm and rode 6 different horses, all fun in their own way. I was looking for a pleasure mare and I really loved a mare named Charisma. I also really enjoyed a national chamption Performance Stallion, but of course, he wasn't for sale.

But a black performance gelding caught my eye. He is a big mover, sensitive, and the one that really stuck with me. He would be fun in the show ring and he and I could figure out our business on the trail. I'm trying to make it happen.

My friend Julie of Equine Mine, started her blog years ago in search of her dream horse, I'm just looking for an inspirational one. Wish me luck.

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www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Good luck -- such an exciting thing to have a horse!! All the considerations that we must go through in the though processes of imagining our lives with a horse, permanently.

Keep us updated!