Phaedre is home

I took 4 lessons on Phaedre with Julie this week and then I brought her home. There were some sticky patches, but overall she is doing SO good. She moves beautifully and in time she will be a spectacular horse. The most amazing thing is nothing really seems to phase her. I couldn't be more thrilled with my new pony. I plan to ride her for the next four days and then back for another lesson Thursday.


The Phaedre Ride

Today, I rode Miss Phaedre for the first time. She is obviously becoming Julie's horse as she wasn't greating me at the stall, so I am glad she is coming home this week. But Julie has been doing a great job with her and getting on was uneventful-EXACTLY how it is supposed to be.

I struggled to get her to trot and we didn't try the canter, but Julie noticed when she got on to school her afterwards that her legs were really far foward. Then I started looking at the saddle and indeed, I had it WAY too far forward. So on Tuesday, I will put it farther back and see if things go a little better.

I'm pretty out of balance and VERY out of shape, but I think in just a couple of rides she and I will find our place. I am getting three more lessons this week, then I'll come for weekly lessons for a couple of weeks. I am going to lots of clinics in September and I am taking some time off, so I will be getting a lot of hours on my girl. I am hoping for our first schooling show in October. :) YIPEE