The Royal Mews

I was in London in September and got the opportunity to visit the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. What is the Royal Mews you ask? Good question. Basically, the Royal Mews is the stables (and eventually garage) where the royal horses are kept. It has also housed a riding academy and is a community within the palace.

In the tour you could see many of the carriages that are brought out for specific state occasions AND ones that are for certain groups (such as the Scots). There were at least six special carriages and the most impressive of all was the gold carriage that weighs more than 4 tons.

There are about 30 horses kept at the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. I saw a couple in use, one pulling a carriage and another being led to be ridden somewhere. I'm guessing they have some of the others hidden because I sure didn't see 30 horses, just 3 or 4.

The queen picks out the horses name and two name plates are created. One lives on the horses stall and one travels with the horse wherever he/she goes.

The queen used to ride in state affairs, but has not since her favorite mount retired in 1988 (if my memory served me). It was pretty amazing to see, so if ever in London make sure it is on a stop.


I'm going to Blog World, isn't that Jerrific?

Yesterday I had my first semi-personal connection with a fellow horseblogger. Lijit.com (cool blog search wigit and technology company) was talking about their tool. They discovered I was a horse blogger and GUESS WHAT? They have another horse blogger using their tool, Kelly at Every Rider. So, it wasn't quite like meeting her, but I did feel connected. Cool.

So I thought I'd mention on the off chance that any of my horse blogging friends might be going to Blog World they can find me there. Just post a comment here and i'll give you my cell. You can also find me at the Yahoo! booth.

And finally, after two failed iniatives, Jerrific is launched again. I am much more pleased with the outcome, its purpose is to document the things I think are terrific in this world.

There is more to come over the next few weeks, I hope everyone is happily riding along!