Thanks Fabtron!

Today I got an email from Stan, the President of Fabtron. I had emailed because I had lost a stirrup strap for Pam's saddle. I had no idea where I would get one and was worried about getting it replaced, so I went to the website and submitted to the contact form. Sure enough, I got an email back this morning (and now a 2nd one from Stan mentioning that I am up early), and he said he would put one in the mail for me.

For those of you not familiar with Fabtron, they have been in business since the 70's and they build a lightweight saddle at a reasonable entry price point. I know a lot of people who use a fabtron and I expect that I will always have one in my tack room. I think the price point makes it easy for new riders to get into a saddle, but I often think they have not gotten the information they need to purchase the right size for either their horse or themselves. Sadly, Fabtron often gets blamed for that, but in reality it is just a lack of information on the part of the buyer.

My mom has the Gaited Fabtron which she purchased with my horses in mind. Uriah enjoys riding in the Fabtron's and I'd love to put him in this one (since I didn't get to buy Pam's). I am interested to see how it works for the horses, specifically to see if it will fit Tesoro.

So, moral of the story, if you need a saddle, you can count on Fabtron to be there when you need help! A great customer service story!


How to spend $700 in your sleep

Last night I spent $700 while I was sleeping. Amazing, yes, I know. I have always considered myself a pretty good spender (not as much of a saver), but I am pretty impressed with how I spent $700 last night.

It went something like this-Elisia came to the house at 9:15 this morning so we could go for a trail ride. We were taking Soda, Precious and Zapa (see upcoming post) to some trails right behind A.'s house. Elisia came to the door and said 'Did you know your truck window is broken?'. Um. Yeah. Pause. That was news to me. We checked out the damage and the truck window was shattered, glass everywhere. I would have pictures to post, the battery on the camera was dead. Although I didn't realize at the time, I have a $500 deductable for my truck (I'll be changing that soon to $200). So, there was $500 I spent (it will be $800 or so to repair as they shattered the super cab window as well).

We are working on cleaning up the glass when my neighbor comes out and says 'oh, look at your trailer'. My truck and trailer were hooked up and I didn't notice that there was lovely RED spraypaint in an up and down s-pattern all along the side of my trailer. I knew my trailer needed some painting work, but I wasn't expecting to do it so soon. I do insure the trailer also, so that is another $200 in my sleep.

So last night may offically be the most expensive night of my life. I need to get out more.


Proud Mama!

I spent a lot of time being proud this weekend. First I saw Marshall who has been absent for more than a month learning to be a show dog. It was SO GREAT to see him. We didn't win, but it was my first time in a show ring not worrying about getting dumped off a horse (did I mention dog showing is CHEAP??), so it was just a great time. Auntie Sharon came and decided to pick Marshall up, it was pretty funny! He comes home at the end of next week, Jennifer will show him two more days. On Saturday of the show he did win Best of Winners, so that was cool and on Sunday his Daddy won Best of Breed. Of course, the reunion was the best part, he is such a HAM, so full of personality. I can't wait to start working on the obedience, agility and ROAD TRIAL work. Trails here we come!

On Monday we went to Julie's to play on the trail course with mom, myself and A. It was the first time I had all three horses under saddle. I was pretty proud. First, Tesoro managed to stay calm the entire time just until we loaded up. It was amazing. It was the calmest he has EVER been outside of the barn and it gives me hope. He even stood very still for mounting (with steps forward only when I was on) which is the best he has done outside of the barn since I have owned him. Wow.

Precious was a butt, but that is my fault. She doesn't like to be away from the other horses and I should have schooled her before mom got on. We worked on the issues and she did all the obstacles for mom, so I think she enjoyed that.

The amazing news of the horse event was the Zapa was a STAR! A. did SUCH a great job of riding him. She is so relaxed which is just what he needs. She got him to do every obstacle including jumps, water, trench, teeter-toter, tarp, many of which were his first time under saddle and only his 3rd or 4th ride out of the arena. GO Zapa. He is really an 'all around horse'.

It was a great weekend.