The real cost of raising a baby (horse)

I just posted this on a forum, after reading it, I thought you might find it an interesting analysis.

I have only raised one baby, here were my costs to get him to 3 years old:

1. Board. We did not have pasture board and she wouldn't have allowed it anyway. Babies get into trouble, into fences, etc., she felt he was safest up at the barn. He had a stall with a 20x100 run and another baby same gender next to him with two sets of hotwire in between him. He also got lots of human affection (he was pretty much wild first 9 months).They went out together 2-3 days a week for the day in the pasture. My board was $200/month. Included hay/grain. I cleaned the stall. Two years three months: $5400.

2. Vet. Having him gelded. $100. Accident free lunging in the round pen $400.

3. Halters. I bought 3 halters as he grew. $60.

4. Blankets. I was given one baby blanket, he wouldn't wear it. I was given another blanket for him as 2 year old, he wouldn't wear it either (luckily this resistance didn't turn into vet bill). But it would have cost $60. total $120.

5. Registration. I didn't get him registered on time. I was already a member of the assn ($55), but I got amnesty so instead of $400, it was only $200. If I would have done it on time $50 (I think). Plus $50 for the genetic testing. total$305

6. Shows. I took him to every show I went to (that had in-hand non-pointed classes). I think that is 5 or 6. Stalls plus classes around $600 (in addition to the other horses).

7. 45 days professional training after he bucked me off, I didn't know as much as I thought. $1050.

8. Transportation. I took him to some friends for trail training (I don't have trails). Gas $200.

9. Name tag for stall. $10.

10. Regular vet & farrier approx $560 for two years (I take them once a year for a good 'once over'.

11. Dental visit for wolf teeth (pending, but very realistic to get him on the bit). $80 (and that is cheap).

12. Purchase price $1500.

13. Board from 4 months to 9 months $100/mo. $500.

14. Stuff I am sure I forgot $500

Total $11,000+

He will never sell for that. But, would I do it again? There was so much learning involved with it, that I would have to say yes. When he came back from the trainer and she said 'Don't sell this horse, you will regret it. He is a once in a lifetime horse', I guess that made the blow to my checking account a little easier. He is, after all, my horse. I 'ordered' him by asking for a specific breeding. I had complete control over his care, his handling, his training, his feed. His mistakes are mine, his successes are mine and I am looking forward to our life together.

And you know what? He is a Paso Fino and doesn't gait (well at least not yet), so it is true, you don't always get what you pay for. He is going to be my dressage horse.


OneHorseFarms said...

You didn't include hay/grain cost, did you add that in with the board?

You make me want to estimate my total cost for Bailey (purchase price $700) and Phoenix (purchase price $450). :)

I have heard many times that it is always more expensive to buy a weanling to raise than a 3-5 year old horse... but for people who have enough horse handling knowledge so that their baby learns ground manners (and doesn't become dangerous) I think it is the better investment.

I have NEVER had such strong bonds with any horse as I do with mine now, and Zapa, Phoenix and Bailey are all phenomenal horses to be around from all the love and care they received over the years.

learninghorses said...

Actually I did include hay/grain in the $200 a month. That was included previously and that is about what I pay now with board and buying my hay.

I did forget wormer though. Add an extra $100.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I don't have a horse and m not old enough to buy one of my own. But i would love to have my own horse school can you tell me if i would have to buy a certain sort of place like a farm or what i would need please cos i can't even ride that well.plzz.

Troop94 ILL said...

Your page was very helpful in teaching my Girl Scouts the price of raising a horse. It helped us to complete a badge.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! this is soo helpful to me! Two of my friends and me (we all ride) have a "plan" to buy a foal at auction and raise it between us. Thank you for posting this!!

Anonymous said...

i noticed that you mentioned wormer but not vaccinations. i start vaccinations at three months. my horses are always up to date on all their shots so that they are protected... i'm sure that you just neglected to include this.... not that expensive if you give them yourself.......

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a project and so I started researching. When I found this I was surprised at how much they cost for being such beautiful animals. I have only ridden a horse a couple of times but I took care of one and tought him, his name was eight ball, how to give little ones a ride without kicking them off. Any ways I don't like the cost but I love taking care of a horse I used to stay at my friends aunt who has horses running around in her back yard every where but they are wild. I go to see them any ways and I was eating a candy bar and a horse stole it from me when I was distracted with another. I named them all and fed them all and cleaned the old barn that was out there.
I want to thank you for making me realize that getting a horse would be expensive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm considering purchasing a 14 month old (for $100) and two year old horse(for $200). I have one acre of land with a house on it. A third of it would be sectioned of for them, is that adiquate? I have no plans on showing these horses or breeding them, so are any type of papers or register neccessary. Should we expect anything from the seller as far as paperwork? Is there any questions i should ask or find out about the blood line of the horses? Is barb wire fencing the best way to build a fence or is there a better solution for a fence? Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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